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Use of the transformation of glass packaging waste

Glass bottle packaging recycling transformation refers to the direct recycling of glass packaging processing,to use method of other useful materials.
The methods are divided into two categories,one is the heating type,a non heating.

1 .non - heating.
Non heating by using mechanical type.The specific method is based on the use of direct crushing or first recycling old glass after cleaning,drying,pre classification,and then the mechanical method will be crushed into small particles,or grinding into a small ball of glass to use.The utilization ways are as follows:
The shard of glass used as pavement combination,building brick,glass wool insulation materials and honeycomb structure materials;
The shattered glass and building materials co mixing ingredients,made the whole building prefabricated analysis;
The shattered glass containers can also be used for decorations manufacturing reflector materials and clothing;
The surface for decoration of buildings to the optical effect of beautiful;
It can be directly grinding into various shapes,and then glued into arts and crafts or small decorations such as buttons etc..
Mix the glass and plastic waste can be molded synthetic stone products.
And can be used for the production of sewage pipes.

The 2 heating type
Heating the waste glass is broken after,by high temperature melting furnace to melt,method and rapid drawing of glass fiber.The glass fiber can be widely used for producing asbestos,glass cylinder and all kinds of building materials and daily necessities.
Glass bottle production is one of the most energy consumption of packaging products.It is recycling is very valuable
As the recovery cycle of glass bottles.How to more effectively so that the glass packaging recycling,is a hot research at home and abroad.

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