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The Marketing Trend of Cosmetic Packaging

  Injection bottle, pull, blow hollow molding equipment has become a development trend. Today, China's plastic bottle molding is relatively single, efficient plastic bottle molding machine on the market, the root of the bottom is imported from abroad. The relative lag of production efficiency and technology affects the rapid development of plastic forming equipment.
  What the market needs is inexhaustible growth, progress and transformation. With the development of society, it is not difficult for us to create and create, and single plastic bottle molding can not meet the demand of the market. Extrusion molding equipment can not be widely based on hot solid plastic processing, or it will cause flash error of products, but injection molding equipment and mold capital is too high, and mold liquidation is more difficult. These problems were soon solved.
  Clearly, the plastic bottle molding equipment market needs to increase the molding speed and yield, as well as in the high-performance mold field. The key principles of research and development are high speed, high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and quality control.

Single die limits the growth of the molding equipment market

There are various types of forming mechanism to meet the needs of forming products. At present, there are many kinds of molding equipment, such as: molding equipment (modeling), extrusion molding equipment (extrusion molding), injection molding equipment (injection molding), blow molding equipment (hollow molding), rolling equipment and so on.
(1) die-pressing, also known as die-pressing or die-pressing, is mainly used for the molding of thermosetting plastics such as phenolic resin, urea-formaldehyde resin and unsaturated polyester resin;
(2) extrusion molding equipment is the equipment for extrusion molding of heated resin. The process of forming and extruding products of desired shape. Extrusions are sometimes used in thermosetting plastics and foam molding. The advantage of extrusion is that it can extrude products of various shapes, with high production efficiency and active continuous production.
(3) injection molding equipment is to inject thermoplastic melt into the mold at low pressure, through cooling and curing. Injection molding can also be used for thermosetting and foam molding;
(4) blow molding equipment is a device that blows closed hot resin blank into hollow products by reducing air pressure; Blow molding includes two kinds of preparation of blow molding film and blow molding HOLLO. W products;
(5) calendering equipment is a combination of resin and various additives through expected processing (kneading, filtration, etc.).
  The film or sheet is processed by rotating in opposite directions through the gap between two or more rollers of the calender, and then is stripped from the roller of the calender and cooled and shaped by the molding equipment. Calendering is an important part of polyvinyl chloride resin preparation, which can be used to manufacture films, sheet materials, sheet materials, artificial leather, floor tiles and other products.


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