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Vials are a small but mighty packaging solution that have a wide range of uses. Commonly supplied in glass or polypropylene (PP) plastics, vials are a convenient way to store small amounts of dry or liquid products. Vials can also easily be made child-resistant, making them the traditional choice for products like pharmaceuticals and some over-the-counter products.

Popular in the Cannabis Industry

Pharmaceutical products have been using PP vials for some time, but we are now seeing this as a popular choice for cannabis products, too. It is becoming common industry practice to package marijuana flowers/buds and pre-rolls in PP vials, as you would traditional medications. These are all paired with child-resistant closures to ensure the safekeeping of these products.


When using plastic vials with cannabis products, darker-colored vials, like amber or black, are typically used. This is due to the fact that light plays the biggest role in the degradation of marijuana, so it is important to control for that with packaging.

Oils and Other Liquids

Glass vials are another popular packaging option for many industries, including marijuana/CBD, beauty, and pharmaceuticals. When paired with a dropper or roller ball, glass vials are a great option for essential oils and CBD oils.

Other products that pair well with glass vials include concentrates, flavorings, skincare products, and cosmetic products. To maintain the properties of these oils and liquids, it is best to use dark glass, like amber or cobalt blue. The dark glass protects the oil from sunlight, which can damage or spoil products.

If the contents of the vial are compatible with both plastic and glass, you can look at other factors when determining which to use. Both materials have their benefits and limitations –glass is infinitely recyclable, but plastic vials can be made with post-consumer resin. Plastic is more lightweight and is less susceptible to breaking during transit than glass, but glass offers a more premium look and feel than plastic. Whichever you choose, MJS Packaging is here to help make your packaging impactful and attractive to new and existing customers.

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