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Introduction to glass bottles of cosmetic packaging knowledge

In the process of cosmetics processing, may encounter many customers about cosmetics packaging problems consultation. General if you do not know much about cosmetics packaging, so here we specially collate the relevant knowledge as follows:

Cosmetic packaging knowledge of glass bottles (cream cream, essence, toner, essential oil bottle)
Glass bottles are mainly used in cosmetics: skin care products (cream, lotion), perfume, essential oil and nail polish. They are small in size, larger than 200ml and rarely used in cosmetics. Glass bottles are divided into wide mouthed bottles and narrow mouthed flasks. Solid jars are usually used with wide mouthed bottles, suitable for aluminum foil or plastic cover, and bottle cap can be used for color spray. The emulsion or water paste is usually made of narrow mouthed bottles and suitable for pump heads. For example, the lid should be fitted with internal stopper, water mixture with small hole and inner plug, and thicker emulsion with large hole plug.
The bottles commonly used in glass bottles are usually in stock, such as essential oil bottles, ordinary transparent or abrasive bottles. The production cycle of glass bottles is longer, but it takes 20 days to make them fast. Some of them need 45 days to supply them. The essential oil bottle is usually made of tea colored or colored and colored abrasive. It can avoid light. The cover is covered with a safety ring, and can be provided with an inner plug or a dropper. The perfume bottle is usually equipped with an exquisite spray pump head or plastic cover.

Combination form:
1.Plaster Bottle Series: Glass Bottle Body + Plastic Cover
2.essence liquid series: glass bottle body + plastic pump head or electrified aluminum pump head
  1).Skin toner series: glass bottle body + plastic inner plug + outer cover
  2).Essential Oil Bottle Series: Glass Bottle + Internal Plug + Big Head Cap or Rubber Dropper + Dropper + Electrolytic Aluminum Cap

Production process:
Bottle Body: Transparent Bottle, Grinding Bottle, Colored Bottle, White Porcelain Bottle, Essential Oil Bottle, Spraying
Printing: Screen printing, bronzing (the number of silk printing and bronzing should not exceed 2 times altogether, too many sets of colors, high quality, high cost)
Silk printing: There are usually two kinds of glass bottle silk printing, one is high temperature ink silk printing, which is characterized by not easy to decolor, dull color, purple color is difficult to produce effect, the other is low temperature ink silk printing, brighter color, higher requirements for ink, otherwise easy to fall off, and in the bottle disinfection should pay attention to.
Above is the introduction of glass bottles for cosmetics packaging.

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