China Import and Export Fair

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China Import and Export Fair

Notice on the Optimization and Adjustment to Exhibition Areas during Canton Fair


In order to promote the innovative development of the Canton Fair and better help foreign trade stabilize the scale and optimize the structure, after extensive consultation with all parties, the Canton Fair has optimized and adjusted the exhibition areas since the 134th session, and the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:


1. The building and decorative materials exhibition area, bathroom equipment exhibition area,  switched from Phase I to Phase II;

2. The Toys exhibition area, maternity products exhibition area, pet products exhibition area, personal care appliances exhibition area, bathroom products exhibition area, switched from Phase II to the Phase III;

3. The engineering agricultural machinery exhibition area, divided into construction machinery exhibition area and agricultural machinery exhibition area;

4. The chemical products exhibition area renamed new materials and Chemical Products exhibition area; The new energy and intelligent connected Vehicles exhibition area renamed new energy vehicles and smart travel exhibition area (Phase I);


After optimization and adjustment, the export exhibition of the Canton Fair has a total of 55 exhibition areas, and the corresponding exhibition areas for each exhibition period are detailed in the attachment.


We hereby inform you.


Phase I: Oct  15th---19th  2023

Phase II: Oct  23rd---27th  2023

Phase III: Oct  31st ---Nov 4th  2023


Attachment: Each exhibition period corresponding to the exhibition area setting table



 Business Office of China Import and Export Fair

July 11, 2023